I am a passionate collector of former Belgium Colonies.

My collection exists of the unused stamps and my specialty is varieties. I have a few cancellations of varieties because I could not obtain the "fresh stamp".

There are two reasons why this Website was created; keeping this collection in a bank-safe frustrated me, so I decided to scan the collection. Now I can enjoy it and by making it public I hope that new information/images will be gathered from fellow collectors. I hereby invite fellow collectors to join in and complete this website with series, variations, or anything not published before. This can be anonymous if you want. The second reason is that I noticed that there is little or no information for collectors like me. It is in everybody's interest to obtain as much information as possible.

Note: If stated: the only example known, that is according to my knowledge. I would like to keep it a simple website but still interesting to all who share my passion.

I thank my stamp-friends Dominique Bilmans, who always manages to find a variety I do not have, and Danny Cornelis who always has something intelligent to say about my latest acquisition. Without them there would be no collection. And last but not least, I would like to thank Bart Van Acker for making the technical side of this website possible.

Guy van Rijn

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